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Posted Fri May 18th, 2012 4:03am Post subject: Just a Quick Rant.

Hello to all the gorgeous lovelies out there! I am sorry I have not been lurking/tweeting as much as I used to, but I am still around! (Mostly on Facebook), but that's not what I am here to rant about..

So, I have been on Testosterone treatment for six months now, also had my first few injections of the stuff a few weeks ago (Huzzah!), my medical transition is finally falling into place! But of course, there has to be a battle or two along the way..

Four/five years ago, I went to see my first physic. And from him lead on to seeing more and more and MORE. To cut a long story short, I had to go see all these bastards again only to discover that they CONVINCED me I was Bipolar to hide the phrase 'Transgender' or any other gender related issues from me, because it's 'easier to explain to people you are Bipolar than a female-to-male Tranny!'.

Oh, but it doesn't stop there..

Before I found out they refused to admit my 'problem' was gender related, they tried to convince me I had 'Borderline Personality Disorder'.
In conclusion, I get mad when people make me mad, I get upset when events in my life upset me. I get happy when happy things happen. Sure, I get depressed and down a lot, that doesn't mean I should have had many people in the medical profession shoving (Or should I say FORCING) handy science reduced to the form of capsules known as 'happy pills' shoved down my throat in an attempt to 'cure' me.

I didn't need science, I needed understanding. And now - I finally have that. After four/five years of thinking I was Bipolar/Had a mental illness.. I just.. Wow.. They were far off.
(Although, in New Zealand, you have to be diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria (Which is recognized as a MENTAL ILLNESS here) in order to receive any help regarding a physical transition :P. Pretty much have to convince the government I am insane enough to make these 'decisions' about my body, but sane enough to make decisions about my body)

End rant.

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Posted Fri May 18th, 2012 2:23pm Post subject: Just a Quick Rant.

Hey Snickers dear.

It's funny how you had your (inner and outer) coming out quite a while later than me and are still further along in your transition. (I'm a bit envious, but mostly happy for you.) It's recognised as a mental illness here in Germany, too, which is a curse and a blessing - curse in that being gender variant is not sick, and a blessing in that health insurance pays for the hormones. There are certainly better ways to get all this done. File it under prevention... but I digress.

I've been diagnosed with loads of things along my way, bipolarity among them, and I am still in the process of sorting out what is related to me being transgendered, and what isn't. It's tough, and a lot of people stand in your way when you try to do that - once a diagnosis is written down somewhere, it's hard to get rid of it again. I'm glad that you found your place in this. I'm still working on it.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that you're not alone with this.

I really hope you're alright. Since you haven't been tweeting much, I don't really know. PM me or tweet me or something. If you want to.

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Impelled to try an epigram,
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