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Posted Wed Nov 11th, 2009 6:15pm Post subject: Just a silly poem

A silly poem that features our beloved Stephen in a the prominent role of a teacher, one that’s perhaps not a million miles away from himself on QI lol

Anyway had an echo of a silly poem rattling around in my head and this is what it became, hope it's at least amusing, as for a title the terms "hot for teacher" or something similar seem far too cliché so for now it's untitled

Here we find a giddy school boy with a crush on 'Sir'
For the wit and the phrases and the “what that it were”

He stared and he dreamed and he watched with teenage lust
Of course it would come to nothing, in Mr Fry we must trust

But to he and his mind running mad with hormones
Logic thought is lost and teenage love postpones
Any real sense of reality I’m sure you all recall
At that point in our lives “love (lust) conquers all”

My homework forgotten (this is He now, not I)
And my attention in class appalling, he asks "why?"

“Sir…I dunno” I stammer and lean back in my chair like a fool
“Fair enough” Mr Fry answers “you can stay back, after school”

“An evening of detention, young man, we’ll tackle this you and I”
A large grin seeps out across my face; I can’t hide it or even try

The battle on the road to seduction and bliss is well underway
The wheels are turning and on this course all I need do is stay

As this ‘eve I will share the company of a man so brilliant and bright
That he could easily drown out the rays of the sun with his own light

In a single room two lovers of men, working closely, birds of a feather
I grip a pen between my teeth, cigar like “I love it when a plan comes together”

From then on I wait out the clock my mind playing out what is yet to come
The flirting, the frenzy, the eye gazing and the loss of mutual equilibrium

As time draws on I nearly give way to hysterics and utter glee
'Til Mr Fry nods to the room “Miss Hind will be taking detention for me”

The other boys all cheer as in walks the very tall and thin Miss Hind
I’m left in shock with mouth wide open with a vacant stare and mind

It’s a trick! A ploy! “Nemesis!” I internally declare
Upon that long and flowing bright blond hair

At the front of the class Miss Hind takes her place
She looks confused at me for a moment,
The look of a beaten bond villain stuck on my face.

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