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Posted Sat Dec 1st, 2012 5:44am Post subject: Just a thought

Dear Stephen,
I would firstly like to congratulate you on a splendid career of amusing the multitudes over the years and may it continue into the well into the future.

While reading one of the many adventures of Berty Wooster and Jeeves I found that the voices in my head belonged to you and that other fellow (Hugh Laurie). Being a fan of all things FRY I put that together with another book I had been reading, Barrows Boys by Fergus Fleming, and thought it ripe for a Blackadder treatment.

If you have not yet had the pleasure of reading Barrows Boys it is a factual account of the First Admairal and the search for the North West Passage just after the Crimean war and reads like a collection of boys own adventure stories.

It is a brillient cronicle of the bravery and adventures of a band of officers and the men who followed them but I couldn't help hearing the voices of yourself and the Blackadder cast amoung some of the characters presented by Mr Fleming.

Just an idea that I just had to present to you.

Good luck with your future projects.
Kind regards

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