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Mystic River


Posted Wed May 19th, 2010 9:23am Post subject: Language

Thank you Stephen, for a wonderful posdcast. I found it by accident - looking for british comedy on itunes.
I don't intend to bore anyone - just want to illustrate.
A traumatic and unhappy child began writing poetry and short stories at the age of 9, sometimes in runic script - but always as an outpouring of her heart and perhaps her anguish. Life's knocks made her very small, almost invisible until she stumbled upon a cathedral and fell in love with the organist(totally unrequited!)out came the foaming wellspring of devotion which was most likely seen as facile and embarrassing. Life stomped on her again and she moved to Europe (Germany) and became an english teacher. Business English (yuck) and grammar in schools (double yuck) coupled with culture shock and being starved of humour and good telly, she found this podcast which is absolutely delightful and just might shift the great plug of volcanic dust and shrapnel from her throat...cough. Thank you! Thank you - just gratitude. (If I get too dewy give me a large bar of chocolate and that will shut me up for a while.) Pray for her while she tries to teach a class of estate agents about utopia, brave new world and 1984 - one student said: "What's brave new world. Is there a film about it?"

There is always love.

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