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Posted Mon Nov 12th, 2007 3:45am Post subject: Last two blogs...
I was pleased to see not one but two new blogs from the amazing Stephen Fry. Just wonder ing has been called given the offical title of Sir like Sir Elton John yet? If not he should do, if so- wonderful. He and Hugh Laurie deserve it more than some of these musical folk that are recieving OBE's and the like, now that Tony Blair isnt PM there maybe a shift in that. ( he having been in a rock band himself)
Anyways about the articles... From the way Steven Fry describes Apple i-Phone and i- Touch seriously makes me want to put them on a wish list. He could write for a PC magazine anyday ( if he wished) For now though for my mp3 player which I am quite satisfied and happy with is my Sansa, by Sandisk. I can put 500 mp3's, put videos ( I have a episode of Only Fools and Horses on it right now),, use it as a voice recorder ( for short recordings) pictures and listen to the radio It also has a slot to add more memory so I can add more stuff if I want. I wonder, does the Nano have the same problem as the IPod where when your battery runs out you have to return it to the factory where they wipe all your songs etc off it? My Sansa doesnt do that I just recharge it on my computer. The I- Phone seems really cool right now I have a pretty basic Verizon phone with a little bonus of a camera which isnt that wonderful just basic like the phone itself.
An idea for a next blog- how about what operating system does Stephen prefer. I am used Windows, my husband has used Vista but didnt like it very much but now its getting impossible not to have it so we shall adjust I guess. I have used Lineux a bit not much.. What system does he like and why (if its in a previous blog, I shall have to re-read it Carry on our Techie Guru and Q I quiz master.

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