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Posted Tue Feb 16th, 2010 2:43pm Post subject: laughter and tears

I watched a recent episode which highlighted the history of comedy and laughter where it was noted that one was not as likely to laugh while alone as when in a group. I have to disagree. I found myself laughing out loud frequently while watching your wonderfully entertaining show. Later on in the program my joy turned to sorrow when you horribly misstated the terms and conditions of US prisons. No one is in prison for life in the US for stealing videos or DVD's. The three strike rule punishes offenders for a lifetime of anti social behavior and crimes. When an offender leaves prison after his/her second offense they are told in no uncertain terms that the next crime they come back for good. If these people ate too stupid to understands the terms of their release then they need to be in prison. Also your contention that prison work programs are tantamount to slavery is lunacy. Working in prison is voluntary, provides income to the inmate as well as helps defray the cost of incarceration. No one goes to solitary confinement if they chose not to work. They simply surrender the opportunity to learn life skills and simple work skills such as arrive on time, follow directions, and complete the task as instructed. Seriously Mr F., where do you get your information. Here's some food for thought.

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