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Posted Sun Jun 16th, 2013 6:00pm Post subject: Living with and loving someone with bi-polar

I am living with someone who was diagnosed as bi-polar in his 20s and is now 57. He has rapid cycles (a crash every couple of months) which seem to be getting more intense. He is unemployed and, probably, unemployable. The doctors can help only up to a point. He also has phases of excessive alcohol use. What I would dearly love to see would be a bi-polar version of AA, and - for carers - a bi-polar version of Al-Anon. Manic depression wrecks lives just as much as alcoholism, and for someone who every day silently checks to see where on the scale of high or low that day might be, and modify my words and responses accordingly, it would be great to think there was a group out there that met regularly where one could just go and exchange experiences and get some support.

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Posted Sun Jun 16th, 2013 7:12pm Post subject: Living with and loving someone with bi-polar

Hi Amelot,
You may find this site useful:
It's a blog by a lady called Fiona, who lives with depression. One of the posts was written by her husband explaining his feelings and experiences of living with the effects on their family. Also, there is a page where you can write about your own experiences if you want to share. Hope this is useful - Remember you are not alone.
Kaz. x

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Posted Tue Jun 18th, 2013 4:05pm Post subject: Living with and loving someone with bi-polar

Hi. I don't know if they have this in your area but my parents attend one. I'm not sure if it is specifically for bipolar or for mental illness in general, but carers groups do exist in the UK (at least in my borough!). This is all rather vague and unhelpful but it may be worth asking about it at the GP or local psychiatric hospital. There's been a big push to look after the mental health of carers and give support to them, for their own wellbeing and also so they can continue to support whoever it is they support. I think the logic is that it's better for everyone involved and cheaper in the long run. And hey, even if these facilities don't exist in your area, you could always set up your own group on an informal basis. Bipolar and psychosis affect 1% of the population after all which is a hell of a lot when you think about it, 1 in every 100 people you have ever met. It just doesn't get talked about. Most of these people probably have concerned/supportive friends and relations in a similar situation to yourself, so the need is out there. Might just take a little organizing. The internet is your oyster. Hope this has been in some way helpful. Best of luck

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Jeff Truesdell


Posted Thu Jun 27th, 2013 5:32pm Post subject: Living with and loving someone with bi-polar

This is a huge problem here in Michigan, if you don't have insurance and cant afford Therapy (Like me) then you're on your own. This is causing the suicide rate to sky rocket when it doesn't have to.

What we need is a place that we can go to talk that isn't priced through the roof and also isn't a "Lock em up" mental hospital which scares me horribly. It's like being in prision being locked up in a mental hospital.

If I knew where to start I would pioneer my idea right here in Detroit and start helping as many people as I can.

We're all we have in this battle. Here in Michigan no one understands this or accepts this as a condition. They feel it's simply a "label" for a person with issues or simply a bad person. Awful!

I wish I knew where to start, I'd pioneer my idea in a heartbeat.

Jeff Truesdell
(Glad to have found this site)

Here's to Katy Sara Culling, Stephen Fry, and all of us coping with this disease.

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