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Posted Sat May 31st, 2008 2:38pm Post subject: "Lost Ring" - Players in London (and elsewhere) ne
There's a great Alternate Reality Games (ARG) going on at the moment, "Find the Lost Ring" - and the latest task the players (everyone can join the team) have been given is to design "labyrinths" in a number of cities around the world and run those labyrinths. You may apply for a GPS trackstick (which you are allowed to keep!) in order to record your path. London is among the labyrinth cities, so I though some of you might want to try a London labyrinth?

More info about the game can be found here:

More info about the city labyrinths:

Discussion about "Lost Ring" on the Unfiction Forums:

The list of cities looks like this:
    Bankok, China
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Manila, Philippines
    Reykjavik, Iceland
    Goteborg (Gothenburg), Sweden
    Sydney, Australia
    Melbourne, Australia
    Wellington, New Zealand
    New Delhi, India
    Madrid, Spain
    Paris, France
    London, England
    Munich, Switzerland
    Vienna, Austria
    Berlin, Germany
    Beijing, China
    Cape Town, South Africa
    Vancouver, Canada
    Toronto, Canada
    San Francisco, CA
    Los Angeles, CA
    Dallas, TX
    New York, NY
    Boston, MA

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Posted Sat May 31st, 2008 3:17pm Post subject: "Lost Ring" - Players in London (and elsewhere) ne
Hey Canzonett, long time no see! Thanks for the link, I see that Dallas is on that list too.

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