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Posted Wed Mar 5th, 2014 10:24am Post subject: Lovemail for Mr. Stephen Fry

I notice that a lot of people perpetuate hate for those who are different. A lot of people write mean comments to each other, to celebrities or people who are famous for being creative and different and interesting. I would like to break that cycle but writing some lovemail, as opposed to hatemail.

Stephen Fry, you are such an inspiration to listen to hear, and read. You're such a pleasure. You have a unique grasp on the sublime. As a young, straight, female person you have expanded the gap of our differences and I completely and utterly empathise and relate with what you're talking about.

On the one hand, I love your positivity and lust for life, for all things. Endlessly fascinated with the world and all the cool things that go on in it. You have a stance for positivity and better consciousnss, enlightenment and better ethic. You love music, art, literature, science, mathematics - all the things that all humans love. You are also silly and you play and have fun and can be a kid sometimes. Another value that I hold so dear.

On the other hand, I also see your heartbreaking vulnerability as a human being. As the positive and wonderful things in life drive you, so do the dark and negative sides of the world. I too suffered from depression or clinical disorders. It's funny because a lot of the time, doctors tried to quantify my sadness or give me an explanation, which I loved. I loved knowing what was wrong and working with it. But I think the things that make us sad are when we are told by our society, our world that our true, inner selves, our inner child, our inner beauty is told that we are not allowed to be that way.

I am a woman and I am overweight. I so relate to what you must have went through, being a proud, artistic and wonderful gay man. Being different is so hard because people initially are so surprised by it or notice it and you automatically think that it must be bad because you're not like them.

I thought because I wasn't thin or conventionally pretty (society values thin, pretty women because women are reflected in the eyes of men, rather than just being celebrated for just being women!)that I wasn't allowed to join in the human race. That I was somehow outside of it. That realisation, that humility often makes us better people. Especially if we can see the positives in ourselves and learn to live without fear of our good selves.

You are so good Mr. Fry. You speak to the hearts and minds of all society and that's why you are a natural treasure. Because you're quirky and interesting and you are such a talented artist and writer.

I admire you so much Mr. Fry. You have been such a role model to me. I love your books, your tweets, your television programmes and all the creative things you do that inspire the world. This is why you're a national treasure to the UK. So British in culture (a great and proud culture) but so unique like the rest of humanity. And we all kind of relate to you because you speak a universal language. A kind language.

You're so kind and it's so insiring.

I just wanted to spread the love for you because I only wish that you could know how inspiring and wonderful I find you. I listen to you reading Harry Potter over and over just because I love your fancy, British voice, the way you speak English and are so essentially English but in it's best, possible way.

When I read about your struggles in newspapers, I resent the newspapers for spreading your private life. Your private negative life. But I even see the good in it. It shows your fallibility and fragility. Again, I could so relate.

I cried imagining you so sad that you would consider suicide. You would be such a momentous loss to humanity because in your essence, what you represent is so beautiful to me.

Please never stop doing what it is that you so well. And you know what that is because it's practically everything when we approach it with a positive attitude

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