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Posted Mon Feb 25th, 2008 12:27am Post subject: Mac Love / Scanner Hate
I'll refrain from profanity, in case it is not allowed. I'll do the Dane Cook-type and say "fudge" about that?

Anyway. I love my iBook to death. It is the single most intelligent purcahse of my 23-year-old existance. However - TheSheep (aka the rest of the technologically inclined world, mostly those using Windows and not understanding why I get annoyed....) have somehow failed to make certain things - like certain scanners - work in OS X. WHAT THE FUDGE!? ..My CanoScan somethingsomething-flatbed works just fine with my Mac. My boyfriend's (most likely a fudged up scanner, but I still wanted to make it work...) Packard Bell piece-o-poo - not so much.

See - this is my problem in general: I want things to work, and I'll spend hours searching Google in order to make things work. Like tonight. I've spent the better part of roughly three hours trying to find the right driver for the blasted scanner-from-hell. When that failed, I found another "solution" - a third-party something or other that supposedly would help. Fudge that.
It didn't do poo. Other than make me even more annoyed.

So now, I'm disappointed - pissed off - and wondering why I'm so ...insanely stubborn about these things. Like. "NO! I love my Mac and I WILL find something that works nomatter what you Windows-freaks say!" ...Of all my aquaintances and friends, I am one of three (!) people to use an Apple computer, and I'm the only one who'll stick to Apple till the day I die. I don't care that it's more expensive - I prefer Macs over PCs any day. The windows-people hate my mac, and they laugh at me when I get frustrated over lack of applications etc.

The scanner is still not working.
I have two options:
* Beg/plea Les Parents to let me borrow my old scanner, which really is my father's scanner since he once bought it (for me, I thought... apparently not.)
* Beg/plea Les Parents to let me borrow the old Dell-laptop with Windows XP on it ('s poo. nothing works on it... so that might even be a viable option.) and see if it really is a fudged-up scanner, or just a scanner that hates my iBook.

If I'm real lucky, I'll get to do both.
For all its shortcomings, the Dell-laptop has a VIDEO-output-thingy, so I can stuff movies and whatnot into that computer, and make them magically appear on the telly - which is neat.

My "FUDGE THIS POO!"-rant of the day.... now share yours?

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