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Posted Thu Aug 12th, 2010 5:58pm Post subject: Man make, woman watch

Nitro said:
Sorry Sententia.

"In fact, many women avoid standing up for themselves because other people immediately give them the label of "feminist" and/or "bitch", which progresses to "man-hater". All of these are labels given by people who are not comfortable with a.) being a strong woman or b.) being a man around strong women."

That's the crux of it, I think, even in context of the article. The majority of big producers are men and tend to, probably, gravitate to other 'big men' directors.

As for women buying into patriarchal nonsense, that IS a big part of the stalling of the progression of womens rights. There is a sort of *illusion* of equality that's been propagated but still, underneath the hood so to speak, women are still objectified and exploited. I'm sure the reasons for women going along with that are extremely complex and vary individual to individual.

Total equality has still not been met but many people seem to believe it has and are happy to sit back. This belief that we are now in a postfeminist state and feminism is no longer needed. There's been a fair few books that have come out in the last year or so that have made it clear why feminism is not redundant including the Equaity Illusion. Too many women seem to shy away from calling themselves feminists, I suppose stereotypes of feminists being man-hating, unnattractive and humourless does not help. Then there are things that are referred to as being feminist and empowering when they are not such as lap dancing, pole dancing etc. People still like to paint all women as being the same (and men too). I still hear crap being said like "women have no taste in films". No, you're right Sententia, it doesn't help when you've got women crying at the premiere for the latest Twighlight film. *bangshead*

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