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Posted Fri Feb 29th, 2008 6:24am Post subject: Maybe some hints how to make better?
Hi fellow Fry Fans!

As far as i could see over the time i'm reading the fora, this is a place where people
take care for each other and i like the friendly tone here.
So i want to ask you people a favor.

After the passing of my wife I started to produce podcast (German) and to write and record songs (English).
This way i try to learn how to cope with loss and the things happened.
I do that at home (all by myself) using my iMac 24", the Logic Studio software, a few guitars,
a small keyboard and a good microphone.

It would be very nice of you, if some of you would take a short amount of their time and go to my iDisk
( ) and download my songdemo
"Thank You Take 36.mp3"
This is a very early demo of a song, but i would like to know how people do like it and how to make it better.

Sorry for my bad english, i'm totally out of practise.

Have a great day.

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Posted Sun Mar 2nd, 2008 12:54pm Post subject: Maybe some hints how to make better?
hmmmmmmm...I would reduce the is it called...this electro stuff a bit which starts in sec 50, I think.

otherwise a good piece of work I couldn't do it.

Sorry your wife passed away... :'( *hug*


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