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Posted Sat Mar 17th, 2012 6:57pm Post subject: Mike Daisy admits he lied

I apologize for the long post, but I feel like because I've posted myself on the Foxconn working conditions and should explain. If you don't care about Apple or the lives of those who build the many gadgets you love ( apple or not ), then skip it.

Also, it is in part a 'rant' because I'm fairly pissed off I also took this guy as he represented himself to Ira Glass and NPR.

I wish Apple and NPR would sue the living shit out of Mike Daisy for what he's done:

Prior to the NPR show of Daisy's monologue being aired, the producers of TAL ( this american life ) exchange MANY emails with Daisy to that EVERYTHING he was saying was unassailable fact because unlike the theatre, where artistic liscence is understood, the show of TAL is journalism. A news show. Daisy even told them he understood that.

When confronted by Ira Glass about his lies and what he did ( which, let's be honest here, was ALL about getting not free but PAID - to Daisy - advertising ), Daisy rationalized his lies and his purposeful deception of Ira and the other producers and the NPR company itself.

I feel what Daisy did was incredibly unethical, which he admits ( though he also says how proud he is of his 'work' ), because he KNEW that monologue was going to reach millions of listeners who he also KNEW would be under the impression that ALL of Daisy's story was FACT.

Daisy knowingly decieved many people and at the same time has done damage to the reputations and characters of both Apple and NPR. And as someone who listened to Daisy's supposed factual story and felt deeply sad that Apple, a company whose products I've bought and applauded most of my life ( nevermind any minor critiques of the products themselves I might have ), was rationalizing human abuse for greed. It's devestating that Daisy thinks it's perfectly fine to do these things and then find himself all the wiggle room in the world he needs, even trying to portray himself as some martyr or underdog-hero, under the beautiful word 'Art'.

Now Ira Glass and NPR have to massive damage control and Apple has been seriously hounded by consumers because of Daisy's 'factual encounters' while in China ( many now proven to be outright lies or never having happened at all ).

Daisy, you're no artist. You're a rube who will damage other people just to get your god damned monolgues in the theater more popular than they have been.

This is not to say that the conditions in Foxconn are OK or that they don't need improvement. They most certainly do. But there are and have been agencies trying to improve the unreasonable expectations often placed on Chinese workers and hopefully will continue to do so until no more workers die, no underage workers are working, living conditions and working conditions become safer, and the workers are just generally taken care of compensated for the often long hours they put in.

Daisy says that he did all this to get people to care.

I call 'Bullshit', Mike, because people cared BEFORE you used NPR to promote your show and your lies. And if both companies hang you out to dry in the courts, I wouldn't blame them one bit. Your ego, and your blindness to it, earned you that fate. You have totally undermined whatever credibility you may have purported to have and I wish you'd take your 'artiste' rationalizations and flush them, and never inflict the vast world of Art with your uber-hipster hypocrisy again.

Really? Wow.

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