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Posted Fri Sep 19th, 2008 11:14am Post subject: Milkman's Cheery Whistle - a Werther's Original Postscript
The talk of slightly suspect nostalgia inspired me to post a piece I wrote a while ago – concerning Werther's Original, your old grandad, and the Waffen SS – as a blog, available here:

It certainly has some themes in common - but nothing to match the normally incredibly decorous Mr Fry screaming 'WHY DON'T THEY JUST TELL THEM TO FUCK OFF???!!! As a writer who has bashed his head against the brick wall that is the BBC – and a big fan of the creative use of swearing – I thought this was a masterpiece. In rant terms, up there with the sketch referred to in the previous podgram (the binbag full of plastic coffee stirrers).

Is this what is meant by 'anger management'? Previously I thought this involved ways to simply avoid expressing anger, but clearly there are times when we really should get absolutely, steamingly, furiously, swearingly angry. Part of the point of the podgram seems to be that it's no good just blasting away randomly – you need to hit your target. Perhaps real 'anger management' is not about bottling it up, but, as with other forms of management, a question of 'making best use of the resource'. Anger's a weapon, and it's all about knowing when to use it, and where to point it. I like to think Mr F is our man on the grassy knoll!

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