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Posted Thu May 24th, 2012 10:21pm Post subject: Mindwalking - A Journal of Discovery

It's been a long while since I posted here. I left soon after Katy-Sara died and found I needed to be away from here even though I found two of my best friends here.

My blogsite was something Katy that heartily approved of and I hope she would still do so. She didn't inspire it, my mother did who was very ill, but for both these ladies I think my best memorial to them is to embrace life as much as possible. Neither of them would want any of us to suffer as they did.

Anyway... for new comers as well as lost friends, Mindwalking has been running for nearly two years now. Pop by if every you feel like it. I try and write about the things that have helped me, but also about things to try and educate the prejudiced and ignorant. Plenty of links are on the side now should you ever need them and I am always happy to learn of new ones that have helped.

Just to say I haven't forgotten anyone here, indeed I find I can never forget that others are still fighting for their health, peace and happiness for all manner of reasons and through all manner of things.

Fantastic that the Time to Change Campaign is hitting mainstream media though. Thank goodness! I feel it's a major step forward toward understanding and eradicated the wretched stigma.

For me that stigma has always been the longer battle.

Rooting for each and everyone of us to get the acknowledgement and respect we totally deserve for just being fellow human beings.


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