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Posted Thu Feb 28th, 2008 3:30pm Post subject: Mostly Armless
Dear Mr. Fry,

I've just got round to listening to episode 1 of your podgram and a most delightful listen it was too. Delightful in the sense that you have such a lovely, cuddly and comfortable manner: your deep and mellow tone; the little asides and pauses while you try to remember a name; I feel I could listen to you all day.

As for the content: most interesting. You manage to make your herculean workload sound quite ordinary, and what a varied range of projects you undertake. I am drooling at the thought of subsequent episodes.

I must, however, take you to task over one issue: living to work. I am well aware of your proclivities and fallibilities, and I understand that you need to keep busy. There are many ways to distract yourself and work is only one of them. Your health IS the most important issue in your life and you simply must take whatever action is necessary to give you the best chance of good health now and in the future.

Your broken arm sounds (and looks) horrific. As you say, there are many nasty things happening in our world, an awful lot of which are immeasurably worse than your current mechanical predicament. That does not mean that you have to ignore your problem until or unless it becomes as bothersome as world poverty, famine, war etc.. You are not to blame for the fact that others may be suffering more than you.

You claim that you cannot find time in your schedule to do the right thing as far as your arm is concerned. You are mad. Just imagine, for a moment, the angst you will suffer in years to come if it (your arm) gives you difficulty due to action you fail to take now. I am delighted to say that I have the solution: Kingdom.

I am sure that you derive a great deal of pleasure from filming such an easy, gentle programme on home ground (although I imagine that any filming has its tough moments). For most of the first series I found it to be delightful, easy-watching tv of the sort that one would appreciate on a Sunday evening. Sadly this was not to last and, despite your own performances, the series has lost its way. I'm sorry if you find this hurtful and please believe that I do not intend it to be so. I honestly think you should quit while you are (just) ahead and use the time (having reorganised your other commitments) to allow your arm to heal properly.

If it helps, we have plenty of room here to accommodate you during your convalescence, plenty to keep your mind busy, and no-one would find you here.

Please reconsider.

With much love,


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