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Posted Tue Jul 23rd, 2013 4:38am Post subject: Mr Fry: The Dreaded & Clouded Subject Of Religion

Religious groups aren't the only ones who create 'community.' I'm sure in your passion (is it sailing as your photo might imply?) you have some friends who share in your joy. If you nurture those friendships with people who share your passion you will find it every bit as satisfying as the community you left behind, and perhaps even doubly so since it is now based in reality.

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yasmin anjum


Posted Wed Jul 31st, 2013 2:33pm Post subject: Mr Fry: The Dreaded & Clouded Subject Of Religion

Maybe this will make some sense:
extract from case file. June 2010

" We are familiar with the concept of plans, and coordinating the lives of more than six billion people would certainly be a Heavenly feat. There are those that prescribe to a belief that God has a plan; that events are meant to occur, and do so for a reason. Some refer to this as destiny. Consider, however, that if every event were planned prior to your arrival, then suffering is not only inevitable; it is intended by our Heavenly Light. Were every action planned, as mentioned in a separate post, there would be no reason to help another in their hour of need, and no one on your plane of existence could be held accountable for his or her actions toward one another, as every one of these events would be predestined and therefore meant to occur. To prescribe to the concept of a plan is to accept that you have no control; that human cruelty and frailty are not only accepted, but condoned by our Heavenly Light, and there is no reason to attempt to overcome the adversities you will encounter while you are here. This is not the case though, Dave Allen. We do not condone human cruelty, nor do our children come to this frequency of Light to suffer the cruelty of others or the imbalances brought about during the course of the human journey. Many do, though. Mediums will predict events that often occur at a later date or time. This may suggest that these events are predestined or planned. In truth, these events are not planned prior to your arrival on this physical plane of existence, but instead, after. Through a combination of signs and intuition, those of us with you in spirit will try to guide you on a path that helps you either maintain or challenge your balance; this for the purpose spiritual growth. When we communicate through a medium an event that may occur in your future, later events may transpire that interfere with our plans. For this reason, some predictions do not come to pass, and this is the reason. We are in spirit, and you have family members in spirit with you while you are here. Your son is with you, Dave Allen. He loves you, and he is loved. Follow your intuition. The signs are all around you. We've channeled our presence in so many ways.
We are here. We are here. We are here.
June 14 at 2:17am •"

The moth: " Two like souls sit near an open window when a moth flies in and flutters near a light. To the first soul, the moth is but a nuisance and an omen. He searches for an instrument with which to take its life. To the second soul, the moth is but a solitary sign that even moths will find their way into the Light.
There is Truth, Yasmin."

Many Blessings
Birmingham. UK

Never Let Go
in Memory of Charlie Rocket - a victim of suicide

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Posted Sun Aug 11th, 2013 9:46pm Post subject: Mr Fry: The Dreaded & Clouded Subject Of Religion

It seems to me that most isms serve to elevate one group at the cost of another.

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