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Bert van Leeuwen


Posted Thu Oct 4th, 2007 12:19am Post subject: Mr. Fry, you will have to live until you're 120, at least!
Dear Stephen Fry,

Belated congratulations to your 50th birthday.
Only now I realised that I infected my children with the SF-virus by means of the Harry Potter CDs: my youngest learned English by listening to his brother's HP CDs; the eldest (18) still listens to these CDs, whenever he is ill in bed or when he can not sleep. I hear your voice most nights echoing though the house. The kids also discovered your other performances in Blackadder and A bit of Fry and Laurie and your books, like the Ode less travelled. Considering their life expectance, you will have stay around for another 70 years at least.
Thank you for all this; may there be much more to come!

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