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Posted Wed Aug 1st, 2007 2:46pm Post subject: Mr. Laurie and "House": advice for locating a good
House + Wilson = canon.

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Posted Wed Aug 1st, 2007 4:20pm Post subject: Mr. Laurie and "House": advice for locating a good
Well I must admit I'm 'shot' when I look at them! MMmmm

Oh sorry...not the type of canon you meant. (Goodness the puns are getting worse aren't they?)


I have never seen a purple cow...and thank God for that!

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Posted Thu Aug 2nd, 2007 8:42am Post subject: Mr. Laurie and "House": advice for locating a good
By the way, I wanted to announce something important, may I?

Jackyblu with some other ladies are organizing an official "House Convention" in 2008 They made a petition online and they are going to arrange it with FOX, so votes are needed (I voted myself even though I probably won't be able to attend it). More votes (positive ones, of course) - more chances that FOX will consider it serious...

Mr. Andrew Holtz (the author of The Medical Science of House M.D.) has already signed the petition. Mr. Holtz sent an email to Jackyblu and other coordinators of convention offering to give the autographed copies of his book for charity auction which is going to be arranged and to speak at the convention. It's so great "that a well-known medical journalist such as Mr. Holtz is also a fan of House. His credits include CNN, PBS, and local news outlets in Portland, Oregon and Anchorage, Alaska. He is the author of many articles and books on health and well-being."

so it's getting more and more real
we all secretly hope that someone from the cast would also attend it... especially that all the money gained through that charity auction will go to Save The Children, and according to "July 30, 2007 - Jane Berliner, the director of Voices for Children, Save the Children, has written to tell us that Hugh has officially chosen Save The Children as his charity of choice to receive money raised via Band From TV appearances. Hugh was kind enough to wear a t-shirt bearing their logo at his BFTV appearance last weekend. They now have a page set up for him on the official site, so give it visit! Lisa Edelstein is also involved in this very worthy charity and is on the honorary committee for their 75th anniversary celebration."

so, the good things must be supported, don't you think?
here's the link to that petition... I hope the moderators won't consider it as commercial, although it is kind of one. but it's for the "greater good", isn't it?

"The game, Mrs. Hudson, is on!"

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