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Posted Sat May 7th, 2011 9:17pm Post subject: Mrs. Fry's Diary

Hasn't anyone here read this?

I started it about a week ago and read it mostly when I travel by train, which means: nearly every day.
That's how I read most of the other Fry books

But back2topic: until now I'm not dissappointed. Actually it's a real funny but still not too goofy diary of the...wife...of Stephen Fry, Edna. She raises six children. Or seven?
She is the devoted wife which comments her husband's behaviour a lot, lives mostly a quiet housewife's life and tries to deal with the fact that Stephen might not be her Prince Charming anymore after 16 years of marriage.

This - considering who Stephen actually is - sounds so weird and makes the diary even more interesting

I'm in the August chapters and when I'll have the book finished I already know that a possible fanart (a wallpaper?) might be the next Fry fanart.

Always remember: The answer is forty-two, there can only be wrong questions!

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Posted Sun May 8th, 2011 5:22pm Post subject: Mrs. Fry's Diary

One of the things about the Mrs' diary that made me laugh the most was that there's not only a Stephen jr (obviously) but also a Hugh jr.
And something that puzzled me slightly: although the book came out last year all the dates are this year's.

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