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Posted Tue Jun 24th, 2008 8:11pm Post subject: Musically based
For the most part anyway =]

Can We Dream In Purple?

I've been dreaming of you again
Dreaming in purple
A colour that is always a suprise
But is everywhere
As Alice Walker said
And it's so vivid
That my dreams feel like reality
Nearly genuine events
Just remember they're impossible
But in those dreams we stand
In Prince's purple rain
Stumble through Hendrix's purple haze
Forming the swirling clouds in it
That Don McLean said Vincent saw
And the old are wearing purple
Just like Jenny Joseph said
But this is not Geldof's Republic
Though I see the purple and the pinstripes
As they mutely shake their heads
And yes Damone
There are lilac trees in the heart of the town
We can drink Buckley's lilac wine beneath them
And bask in that ultraviolet love
That Bono told us all about
Then, when we're done
I'll take you up to Violet Hill
Like Martin did with his love too
We'll sit in the snow
No more silence though
Because there you always love me
And you always let me know

Momentary Lust
Just another day it seems
Although we have been shunned form our usual plot
And I may have skipped a lesson out of spite
Without these two occurences I may never have seen you
But as it was I took my place amongst my friends
At a shiny new table
Conversation drifts around a little
Nothing of any great consequence today
No debates or moral cries
So I spare a look or two across the way
Ten feet or so from where I'm slumped
I see a group of people I cannot abide
Who only speak to me to mock
As they drift around and jeer at some poor soul
I catch a glimpse of one out of the mix
Shying away, near ashamed
Something stirrs
I still don't know what
They say a man should be the master of his own emotions
Well should a woman?
I failed either way
I can't even place what it was
But the conversation faded out and I fixated
As you loiter round that crowd
Bobbing and rocking oh so slowly
So stick thin
Peroxide blonde
Hair so short my own almost flows in comparison
Who knew slick could look so good?
And yet the more I look the more I realise
There really is nothing remarkable about you
Nothing normally appealling in any case
So why?
Why can't I look away?
And why do I so regret not so much as saying hello?
And as you're swept away and out of site I wonder
Will I ever see you again?
When I don't even know your name
Who is that girl?
But even in these thoughts my passion, a loose enough emotion, gives way to guilt
One so in love should not dwell so long on someone else
Someone so within reach
Hate myself for doing nothing
Hate myself for thinking of doing anything
Either way
The chances of seeing you again are slim to none
And so the issue rests
Just a moment of petty lust
I'm sure
"I know my luck too well, and I'll probably never see you again"--Steven Patrick Morrissey

Of Quiffs And Gladioli
Nothing's changed
I still love you
Oh I still love you
These lyrics repeat in my ear
From a night of Morrissey
These past weeks I have been nothing
I've kept busy, sure
But stop and I become
This emotionally blank canvas
Waiting for the artist
And who more 'artiste'
Than Steven Patrick
I'm fixed in the chair
The sound of the keyboard clunks and burns in my ears
From occassional conversation
All else is silent
Mouse scrapes on wood
Two short
Those rising chords
Sudden drumbeat
His voice
Panic on the streets
Four simple words that atleast stir something
In this state I hang on every syllable
And I could cry out to myself
Hang the DJ
Hang the DJ
Hang the DJ!
Because it's all so true
The music that they constantly play
Says nothing to me about my life
And as those thoughts fade away
I tune into the resounding questions of the next
Will they ever believe us?
How do you start?
Who do you need to know?
I have no answers of course
So join in his tuneful wails
But keep it low
Until I unite with him in thoughts
Of let downs
The misery after the madness
And the beaming to myself
And confronting my shyness
But knowing when to hold my tongue
I recall how it feels to seem totally alone
And wonder when is now
So that these dreams may come true
He shares with me secrets of a charming seducer
Twisted love affairs beyond understanding
Startlingly simple physical revelations
And that girlfriend in a coma
How it really feels to find someone special
And the cynicism that says it's over
Before it's even begun
Let's break away from this house that is their home
And please, please, please let me get what I want
This time
Do they know how it feels to be the butt of those jokes?
I'm down and they kick me
Kick us
Again and again
So we shall break free
Unite in our shells
That are not so much like the real world
When you're lonely for a long time
People forget
When nothing changes
You're emotions fade from their minds
Busy with their own advances of course
We're left unwatched
But no more apologies
I'm too tired
I'm so sick and tired
And yes, I'm feeling very sick and ill today
But it all comes down to this
When the music stops
The only thing that resonates
The thought left on the canvas
I'm still fond of you

I prefer my older ones tbh but hell here they are nonetheless :)x

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