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Posted Fri Oct 8th, 2010 11:27am Post subject: Musings on the Body Farm

Ah, bless us, but is not Youtube the most marvellous invention? I stumbled across Stephen's visit to the Body Farm recently. No doubt, a harrowing experience for even the strongest of stomachs, yet Stephen gave me something rather special. It was nothing he said during the visit; rather something he did. While his guide opened "the bin" for him, his face changed. The overwhelming picture I took from that scene was compassion. Here was a human being, in the most degrading of circumstances. A life, memories, loved ones, left to putrify in a wheelie bin in the name of science. How offensice such a sight (and my dears, the smell) would be, yet did you see Stephen's eyes? Either he is the most consumate of actors, or for the briefest moment, his compassion, his depair, (perhaps even his depression) homogenized into a look that was not dissimilar to love. I lack Stephen's eloquence, and would not dare to attempt to match it even if I had the smallest part of his talent, but as I am myself a bi-polar depressive, and also terminally ill, that look, that statement of compassion has been enough for me to change my outlook on my own future.

You see, I find it utterly impossible to understand why anyone would care about me, yet I have a loving wife and family. But if Stephen's love of humanity and the human condition could surface in such a tragic, some may say, violent place, then the future, perhaps is not so bleak. Perhaps, in that fleeing second, he made me understand.

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