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Posted Fri Oct 10th, 2008 9:12pm Post subject: MY FIRST RANT...sorry
Right here we go. Should have done this long ago.

I am a 40 year old with the "untreatable condition" of Borderline - Borderline.

My condition means that for my own personal comfort and the comfort of others that I should attend new places with my second vv carer.

My main second is my 15 year old daughter. You try to keep an adult around.

For a couple of years I have tolerated the anti social hierarchy that is you cant attend unless you are 18 or over, but we cannot tell you why.
To progress my headspace I decided to no longer give in and have been challenging that intransigent, ostrich like( I know they do not actually do it) rule.

Last year I got a reply from the BEEB to say they did not actually know where or this ruling came from.

Next the production company, the one that has the same name as the first letter of your name, bent over backwards to enable me to goto a recording in Glasgow.

The other month, the Company plugging tickets for the tickets for Qi, made the mistake of putting the incorrect age for the show. WOW. AT LAST. THE 21ST CENTURY... Followed the link... POW! MISPRINT 18 Again. Thanks Very Feckin Much.

I have still to fix the holes in my house.

So Could any Production Companies, especially the one belonging to people who may understand exclusion due to Mental Illness, who may come across this, consider the real age of the normal viewer.

Sorry But I Feel... Now.

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