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Posted Tue Mar 30th, 2010 7:54am Post subject: my life

Again appearing here, it's been 3 years. At that moment, a moist hot night, in a burst of roar, I took off and left the Africa. That words, from my last topic in this forum, is still in my mind , “But where am I supposed to go?” ... Yes, whenever you ask your self, you are not able to give a certain answer regarding this. Because you never know what will happen to your life even though you think you have some kinda capability to control it.

Actually, the life in domestic was not like what you had been thinking. Suddenly, transfered from a remote continent, it seemed hard to approach the modern city, we called civilization. Walking among so many young guys in the morning rush time, obviously, I was a little bit slow, perhaps too much time in Africa.

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