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Posted Mon Sep 3rd, 2012 10:31pm Post subject: My top ten that makes my blood boil

ok, here is my top ten folks.....these are the ones that make me see red, sprout horns, burst blood vessels and want blood.

#10.Traffic wardens....or wannabe policemen. They couldn't make the grade in becoming a police officer. They only realised this, after they the failed the test to becoming a Unigate Milkman.

#9. Just for men....why would they use guys in their 20's who obviously don't need to be treated. Same with the Gillette Ad, why show men that only shaved before the commercial was shot. Not one of them has any stubble. Oi, to you in the advertising depts, here's a thought, use real men, ones that suffer shaving rashes, or those who cut themselves, or really hairy ones, who use 2 razors every other day. Do us all a favour, stop frickin' lying.

#8. Cold callers....they always seem to be unable to read my notices. It clearly states on my front door, on my gate post and gate the following; To all canvassers, before you consider knocking on this door, please think of this....When your company came to my house last week and the week prior and so on and ariston, was I interested then? No. Nothing has changed, not even your dress sense.Stop coming round my house, selling nothing but a tissue of lies to the gullible, get a proper job. Become a traffic wardenor a Unigate Milkman.

#7. Cillit Bang - aaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhhh, makes my blood boil. Whoa Barry, mate, we ain't deaf. Cillit Bang, the power to wow. Yeah, at the price maybe but, c'mon folks. Cillit BANG Power Cleaner Grime & Lime eliminates even the toughest of problems. All except Barry.

#6. Crown Court Judges - What is it with them silly wigs? At my last court appearance, I wore a bright purple wig in to the courtroom and within seconds, the judge said "Mr Angry, please remove your wig". Anyone else thinking, double standard? I replied with, "Lets both come out together your worship". Court officials surrounded me from all sides and before I knew it, I was in the cells for contempt of court. Hypocrite!

#5. Perfume girls - You know who you all are. You walk in to Allders and they just lay in wait for you to walk passed their counters. Then, wham. you think you're being maced. Sprayed with a mixture of what can only be best described as an odour like a cat sanctury that was bombed during the blitz. Now, Mrs Angry thinks I have had an orgy. Pack it in ay girls.

#4. Fast food - Whether you drive thru or go inside, you ask for what you want which in my case is always the same; Qtr pounder with cheese, cheeseburger, large fries and a large coffee. Always the same answer will follow no matter what restaurant I happened to visit, "is that a meal"? It's the meal I would like. Stop trying to talk me out of what I have ordered. And whilst I'm ranting, why do they put so much salt on the fries?

#3. Disabled Parking Only - Those of you who park in disabled spaces because you think they are convenient. Well, I have prepared the following message just for you:
These sapces are reserved for disabled badge holders only, failure to comply will result in your rust bucket being towed by the D.V.L.A (Disabled Vehicle Linching Association). Please show consideration to disabled motorists. You have been warned. Additional notice, Stupidity is not considered a disability yet but, under the Libcons, anything is possible.

#2. The Monarchy - Slap me for being so unmoved about the whole situation, but I couldn't care less about the royal wedding. And I am yet to meet anybody who has any sort of feeling or emotion on the subject. I don't know Kate or Wills, never will and don't even really have a clue what the monarchy does anyway. Does anyone? Sure, it's nice the young couple are so in love. And I agree with David Cameron our country needs a pick-me-up. But my main reason for being a humbug about the wedding is it's like they're just rubbing their wealth and power in our faces. It's almost as if they're laughing at the recession and giving us the finger by saying "ha ha, you lot might have less money right now, but look what we can do with public funds." I also wonder why we frown on unemployed people living in state-funded housing, yet not the unemployed, state-funded royal family? At least benefit scroungers don't spend half the year in the Swiss Alps at our expense.

#1. My biggest rant has been reserved for those who think it is acceptable to steal children. I have this message for you; "You make me sick. This vile practise you inflict on innocent parents is the most destructive tool I have ever seen.
With all the best interests in the world, these outlined policies just do not seem to exist except on paper. They say that it is the aim to assist individuals, families, groups and communities when clearly, this is not correct. Thousands of families will tell you a different version of what is really being practised. Their moral compasses are defunct, their values deplorable and motives despicable. This invites the perception of the social worker as less as an expert and more as a "judgmental busybody". The parents of these children have there lives put on hold and with no fault of there own have to endure years of abuse from these workers that just won't admit there wrong no matter what the circumstances. What is desperately needed is setting clear and helpful boundaries between both the families and social services that can work. Social workers are human and should not be afraid to show this but, they must remember that the process of removing a child due to the ‘risk of emotional harm’ must be seen from both sides of the coin before any decision is or can be reached. The difficulty with social work as a profession is that everyone has their own view on children and families, and this varies wildly. But in essence most people see themselves as the expert on their own family, and in particularly on their children. We, on the whole, trust our doctors and nurses as well as our dentists, teachers and opticians. We trust them because we believe they know a lot more than us about their stuff.

When I have my liver removed I’m pretty sure I won’t be arguing with the surgeon about whether he knows what he’s doing. We just assume, and rightly so, that they know their stuff. With children and families it’s different. In the end social workers can rarely do work with families without criticism because we generally do not believe that they know best. This is clear to anyone who has eyes to see. They have earned this reputation due to the way they have acted in the past, so, in essence, mud sticks. Over-zealous social workers should be brought to account for their actions. If that should lead to a successful prosecution or a prison term is imposed, then so be it. Social workers are not above the law and, if they break the law to suit their own ends, they must be brought to book.

Mr Angry

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Posted Tue Sep 4th, 2012 1:10am Post subject: My top ten that makes my blood boil

Mr Angry said: #6. Crown Court Judges - What is it with them silly wigs? At my last court appearance, I wore a bright purple wig in to the courtroom and within seconds, the judge said "Mr Angry, please remove your wig". Anyone else thinking, double standard? I replied with, "Lets both come out together your worship". Court officials

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