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Posted Wed Dec 10th, 2008 11:30am Post subject: National Express closing London Norwich Railway Restaurant

I am informed that Stephen Fry has a mother who lives in Norwich hence so this may be of interest ....

National Express plan to shut services 19/12/09 .. 9 days to go ... Remeber that National Express do not care about local services, they have a track record for much harsher actions than what we are seeing on our line. Its time for very tough action.

As you are probably aware, our railway service has run a restaurant service for longer than any of us can remember, so why should one francisee, in one point of time be allowed to take this service away from us ? Sack the staff and expect to get away with it ? .. It's a nonsense. Why ? they are flagrantly breaking the terms of their franchise agreement with Department of Transport.

The next step is to start proceedings to alert Department of Transport of a Judicial Review of their support of this break with the terms of the franchise.

For this to happen we need three things things preferable today

1) The services a solicitor who can take this forward , preferably a sympathetic rail user and one familiar with Public Law.

2) Funding : an online fund ( one in our midst has agreed to make secure payment facilities available, (thanks Matthew) , fund trustees, agreement to return funds not used to contributors on a pro rata basis. With this in place we can start a fighting fund immediately .

3) Your active support , in terms of the above requirements and other support in kind and in spirit.

Many thanks for reading this far !

I will keep you posted , both as a group in this way, via the blog and privately , as appropriate.

I can be contacted as moderator of


Richard Jackson

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