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Posted Fri Jun 27th, 2008 10:52pm Post subject: Nelson Mandela Birthday

Not sure if you will see this but hope you do as I was very moved by your words at the Nelson Madela birthday event.

It is a rare thing to feel a sense of optimism for the future but I genuinely feel that you provided a rare glimmer in your summation of Mr Mandelas achievements.

It was obvious that you were both very moved & have a very accurate view of the collective angst of inhabitants of Britain 2008 but you managed to speak refreshingly honestly while avoiding bruising delicate sentiments.

Your words had resonance & were genuinely uplifting & it is for that I wanted to say thank you, as insight & honesty seem to be a very rare double act. You asked people to take something away from the event & as far as I am concerned you achieved your request.

Best Wishes


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Posted Sat Jun 28th, 2008 11:56pm Post subject: Nelson Mandela Birthday
I realised half way through that what you were saying in your interview was really important and battling agaisnt Queen hardly did it justice. Would ITV be able to produce a transcript? Your words deserve much wider coverage, the sentiments were so wise and yes , optimistic. Thank you.

More power to you.


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