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Posted Sat Dec 17th, 2011 10:56pm Post subject: New Hampshire

I really enjoyed this travel adventure, Stephen's honest, open, congenial style and all that. I am a recent transplant to NC which I am so thrilled to be part of - would loved to have seen a bit more of this lovely state. My previous abode was NH, and major claim to fame being considered as a leading voice in political elections, for reasons I have yet to fathom. Stephen likely wasn't aware, but the candidate in the background at filming was (still is) an individual bent on destroying the quality of life and freedom of choice of any and all but the wealthy businessman - George Bush with a brain perhaps? And as I write this, but four years later, said wealthy republican businessman is forcing himself on the clueless masses once again. Too bad Stephen couldn't have interviewed him and likely exposed him within seconds for what he really is.

But all in all the show is quite wonderful.

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Posted Tue Feb 21st, 2012 7:11am Post subject: New Hampshire

It's ok to call him Romney here instead of He Who Shall Not Be Named

Unfortunately, as I mentioned in another post on NC, Romney's intent to set us all back 100 years to another time and day is very much the political mood in NC's state senate. The law to ban gay marriage forever and ever is on the floor. It's creation, at all, is a manifest symptom of the takeover in state politics by the 'old boys club' ( old, white, and rich ). I believe it's due in part to the culture shock both states are going through as more and more people migrate and move to them. They bring new ways of thinking and living that runs head long up against a very traditional manner, and the traditionalists are NOT happy about it.

I do like NH's motto though,"LIVE FREE OR DIE!"

verily, verily...

Really? Wow.

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