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Posted Sun Jun 9th, 2013 11:18pm Post subject: New researchers needed for QI items on Australian topics.

Assuming that behind all the QI answers is a basis of accuracy, I would suggest that some more reliable source of facts on Australian topics is needed. The most recent item with which i beg to differ, although I must admit not having ever been close enough to a red kangaroo to smell ibecause they tend to jump away too quickly, is that they smell like curry. I don't know what curries smell like in England, but I hope it is not like kangaroo.
Also in the same program was the topic of jungle vines and their ability to support the weight of humans and or large animals which may want to use them to swing from tree to tree. Living as I do with tropical rainforest on the other side of the pool fence, vines are in fact strong enough to be used for that purpose, and many of them, in particular strangler fig vines, grow downwards from branches until they reach the ground and reverse their habit and climb the host tree and completely overwhelm it. The seeds of the strangler fig are sticky and after being eaten by birds are left adhering to branches of innocent trees from which they begin their sinister life cycle.
Sorry to be nitpicky, but if so many things said about Australian topics are wrong it calls into question the veracity of all other answers, and one would hope that QI is not just for fun but educational underneath all the jolly good fun..

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