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Posted Sat Sep 19th, 2009 3:25am Post subject: New Show Idea?

Is Stephen ever going to do this type of show for Canada? We probably have more interesting people than America. Well, not interesting but something better. I'd like to just know he's in the same province. Damn he is truly amazing.

According to Freud, what is between fear and sex?

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Posted Mon Oct 26th, 2009 4:51am Post subject: New Show Idea?

Whoa whoa whoa!!! Hang on there now...

'more interesting people in Canada than America'?

Puh-leeze! And no, 'something better' doesn't work either LOL

What's you got up der? Ham? Beer? huge ticks?

Well, you do have those gorgeous Canadian rockies.

But you do know even your geese come to us. Why? Because we're better, that's why. j/k

Just being cheeky, please don't take it seriously

Really? Wow.

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