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Posted Sat Apr 16th, 2011 5:10pm Post subject: New Zealand Internet Blackout

In 2008 our small country was honoured to have Mr Fry support us in a New Zealand wide internet blackout in protest of some rather draconian copyright legislation our parliament was trying to pass.

Thanks at least in part (personally I think a great deal) to Stephens involvement the legislation was set aside due to great public disapproval. It was awesome to know that such a well known international celebrity had helped stop our government from doing something very stupid.

Unfortunately, 2 years later the government has brought this very same bill into law underneath an important Bill relating to the Christchurch Earthquake Disaster in the hope that the seriousness of that that situation would prevent the public from noticing the copyright legislation.

I would like to know if Stephen is aware that this has happened, and if not how to let him know. If your out there Stephen we would very much like you to re-affirm your beliefs and add some weight to the new internet blackout that has started since the day the legislation was passed.

Best regards

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Posted Sat Apr 16th, 2011 7:15pm Post subject: New Zealand Internet Blackout

The easiest way to reach him besides a letter to his representatives is to send him a message on twitter. He receives a ton of them each day but if you keep at it your chances that he'll see it will increase.

I used to be EternalStudent on these forums until the switch over. So don't get excited..I'm not someone new and exciting. I'm just me :P

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Posted Tue May 31st, 2011 3:20pm Post subject: New Zealand Internet Blackout

If you want to help fight internet censorship, join

There's a problem under the hood that some of the freedom fighters need to remember: the delivery of foul programs via the internet that, at the moment and until gov infrastructure catches up, can shut down important utilities ( reference the Stuxnet virus ). The problem is there is A LOT of old, old and creaky soft and hardware product out there that has not kept pace with the civilian Shiny Things & Apps stuff.

I think the problem is so bad, in fact, that rather than excite the goverened with these things, the issue of how to 'control' the internet is wrapped up under knee-jerk topics like child porn. This is not to say that there aren't those who aren't resistant to freedom of speech in and of itself, there are - but they don't want to publicize various vunerabilities and insecurities that the black hats out there might exploit.

Government is always slow to keep pace with tech in terms of implementing it in a widespread fashion. It's not just about cops trying to keep you from doing bit torrents of films and music or child porn.

Really? Wow.

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