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Posted Tue Jan 29th, 2008 1:30pm Post subject: ode to sudoku......



Sudoku , sudoku , perhaps a little sadoku
What a load of absolute do do cue,
Like a bowl full of numeretti spaghetti,
Writing this makes me sound quite petty.

Numbers have never been my thing,
Problems so many I can’t even begin,
Confused by mere squiggles on a page,
Words cannot express my inner outrage.

“Numerically challenged” is the phrase,
I can assure you I do not deserve any praise,
I know this problem is not entirely benign,
It also happened to school friends of mine..

Cross words and word searches are fine,
Gradually finishing them line by line,
Banking, budgets, bills, change from tills,
All continue to give me the deepest chills.

All these things in this day and age,
Look like a jumble of numbers on a page,
Now people are doing it for a hobby,
Things that make my head quite foggy.

Sudoku, sudoku, I hate your guts,
Seeking out numbers drives me nuts,
I can see the attraction that’s true,
As for myself I still haven’t got a clue!!

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