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Norfolk and good


Posted Thu Sep 3rd, 2009 2:43pm Post subject: Ode to Yellow

We may not be the Arsenal
but we fired our own Gunn
August has been more down than up
and hasn't been much fun

A local derby kicked us off
Colchester should've been heaven
and even though we scored a goal
Those blighters managed seven

A long run in the Carling Cup
lets bag some silverware
but then the Black Cats came to town
our cupboard remains bare

United have the Theatre of Dreams
our ground is full of gloom
Instead of being Carrow Road
Its called the Temple of Doom

Oh how I long for Goss and Sutton
and Euro two leg glory
Those heady days are now long gone
some distant fairy story

No matter where we find ourselves
the Canaries are our team
One day we'll win the Premiership
We're all allowed to dream!!!

So come on get behind the yellow
September starts anew
With Stephen Fry and Delia
Now lets be havin you.

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