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Willie Wit


Posted Sun Mar 10th, 2013 2:13pm Post subject: Off The Page

I love acting, I always have. It touches you deep down, often your very essence is being formed anew. It has always fascinated me. I was so lucky to be spotted early in my career, prior to that I felt as if I was stuck at the back of a drawer gathering dust. People with great vision could see what lay within me, recognising my range and flexibility - allowing it to break free of the mould. I also enjoy meeting new people and the great variety in the parts you can get offered.

The first time I stepped under the bright lights I knew I was at home. A truly great director took me under his wing, in his experienced hands I felt like putty. I left that shoot later that day, knowing I had become something new. I had stepped over an important line, and my future was sealed. A long and successful life had opened up, so much more than I had ever dreamed of. I was quick to learn the tricks of the trade. To be touched so deeply by such creative hands, made me respectful of those involved in this Art. It is not something you can achieve on your own.

I was very inspired by Stanislavski, studying his 'Method acting' techniques in my formative years. To see De Niro in 'Taxi Driver' was a defining moment in my life. I knew from that day on that this is what I had to do - to become whatever the part needed me to be. To change, to become something else - can still touch me profoundly. To share this existential truth with an audience is sublime indeed. There has always been a quality in film making, it's standards have always been of the highest imaginable.

I have just been auditioned for an important part, a film that will begin shooting soon. I avoid speaking parts. Instead having concentrated on the range of emotions facial expressions you can tap into - thus speaking volumes... of a different kind. The European audience appreciates these subtleties more I have always found. The previous work brought to the screen by this team is the finest I have seen. It has a truly distinctive and original style, recognisable instantly. I have watched their work develop over the years, from their small 'independent' beginnings, to huge blockbusters now being shown worldwide. Always keeping a simple, almost humble style in their work has earned them great respect.

I believe this may be a new direction for me to travel in, despite my having come so far already. I suspect they have been waiting for the perfect part for us all, it may have finally arrived. An opportunity to further develop and stretch my skills so late in my career is welcomed by me. One must continue to learn and grow - whatever your age.
I open the letter within moments of it hitting the mat. I scan it quickly, immediately gleaning the information I had hoped for. I have got the part! I feel ecstatic!
And such a lovely hand written letter has been enclosed, I admire the professionalism in this personal touch, it reads...

Dear Morph,
Would you like to be in our new film?
We have seen you on the telly and think you are a cracking actor!
Let us know soon and we will pop the kettle on and celebrate in style!
Wallace and Gromit

(Taken from my free kindle book 'Twenty Tiny Tales') (hope its ok to mention that)

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