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Posted Thu Oct 23rd, 2008 8:32am Post subject: Off the Top Musing Poem About The High Cost of Bipolarity
You stole things from me before we met:
I knew not what you were about
My life was like a kalaidescope
with all its colours seeping out.

I did not know your name. it's true
I did not stop to hear your song.
i ran too fast toward the sun.
now i am burned and know i'm wrong.

you took from me things of great worth:
innocence and self-esteem.
replaced them with self-doubt and pain,
and left me feeling quite insane.

years later, on a doctor's couch,
i learned your name. I was surprised
that such a thing could hide so well
and be so masked, and live such lies.

I will not fear you anymore.
there's nothing left that you can take:
i struggle hard to maintain clarity
within this life of bipolarity.

-Janet xox

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