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Posted Fri Apr 9th, 2010 11:01pm Post subject: on manic depressive

I am maybe naive...but I pretend this is a private letter to you Stephen.

I live in Norway and I am a norwegian man of 39. A couple of years ago I met a beautiful girl...Birgit...she was a warm, wise and thoughtful person that I enjoyed talking to. After a couple of months she told me she was a manic depressive. I came home from a night out with the boys...drunk and tired...turned on my computer and was happy that I had recieved an email from Birgit. She had written a long text to me...telling me she was a manic depressive. I was so touched by her honsety and I read her words with tears running down my chin...this grirl was serious...opening her heart like this.

I will never forget that email.

But...we ended up dating for some months...found out that a friendship was better than a relationship.

We broke up and it was sad but ok. But I had a good friend anyhow.

In october she told me happily that she had met a guy and that she was in love. I was so happy for her. But...after some weeks she contacted me again...and I understood she was in a deep depression. I never thought she would be able to kill herself. She has a son who she loves more than words can describe. But...

She finally was a shock...Its unreal still. So sad so sad. I miss her wise words and her warm being so much.

Dear Stephen Fry...if you ever found come to Norway...I have a dream...Birgits mother now runs an information "campaign" whith a mission. She wants to spread information about Birgits illness. It would be...I am naive now...but I MUST say would be absolutely fantastic if you ever found time to come here and meet Birgits mother and help her with her mission.

I know its a dream...and I understand that you are a busy man. But I have asked...and even that makes me feel a bit better.

Bjørn-Inge Blomqvist

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