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Posted Tue Aug 25th, 2009 3:30pm Post subject: Oscar Wilde's Short Stories

Some days ago I received my audio cd and although I knew the short stories before (and I'm very fond of them), it is completely different and so enjoyable to listen to Stephen Fry, narrating these parables.
As nearly everyone here I watched the Oscar Wilde movie with Stephen and since that time this is always in my mind's eye. Listening to Oscar Wilde's stories means seeing Stephen as Oscar, sitting together with his two boys on the little bridge in the garden and telling them stories.

Oscar Wilde's vivid imagination, the abundance of words, the inexhaustible descriptions and the touching scenes, sometimes abruptly changing between funny and so tragic (merciless cognition!), create pictures in your head. Stephen Fry seems to plunge into this golden source and he cares for the icing on the cake, he accomplishes the feat and makes the characters alive.

I listen and it is an emotional roller coaster. From listening quietly to gulping back a sob to giggling and laughing - all happens.
If you did not yet listen to it - do it. All stories are great but I laughed so much about the story and the voice of the Remarkable Rocket.

Thank you, Stephen, it's fantastic

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Posted Thu Aug 27th, 2009 2:49am Post subject: Oscar Wilde's Short Stories

yes! I love the rocket story. I remember exactly where I was walking the first time I listened to it. I have to admit that my only exposure to Wilde is though these short stories and a Dorian Gray audiobook and I feel like the caliber of the characters is the same for the childrens stories. I'm not good at analyzing literature at all but I am a person who knows what people and therefore characters ought to be like.

I think the scene I retain most from the movie Wilde is when the boys are going "poor poor poor poor papa" in their sing-songy little voices. I say that to myself all the time even when my father is doing fine, I just think it's so sweet.


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