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Posted Tue Oct 20th, 2009 5:11pm Post subject: PCC Petition RE Jan Moir's 'article'

Dear Forum,

After the distasteful diatribe posing as journalism in the Daily mail on Friday, I have launched a petition at the Number 10 website encouraging amendments to the PCC's charter and powers to investigate and punish questionable articles. (can anyone guess which one?) It's good to see that they have asked for a response from the Mail but it's not quite in the same league as it should be.

The link is:

Yours in anticipation,


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Posted Wed Oct 21st, 2009 5:59pm Post subject: PCC Petition RE Jan Moir's 'article'

The downside to freedom of the press here in the states is that it means those with all sorts of hateful thoughts can spew them any time they like and get paid as very poor writers to boot.

We have some really rank papers here, full of bileous opininons and beliefs. Many are not syndicated and appeal to a minority. If you think what Jan Moir wrote is awful, you'd REALLY hate this stuff.

Then there's the ~WWW~. There are thousands of websites and blogs out there that also have really outrageous subject matter. The internet is functioning anarchy and the authorities haven't quite figured out how to censor anyone totally.

Yet. And besides, where do you start and with whom? And what's left after the fact?

I don't support Ms.Moir's opinions but I get a little squeamish at the idea of censoring peoples thoughts.

If she loses her job, it won't necessarily be because her bosses think she's wrong or because people wrote letters, but because her presence hits their bottom line ( $$$$ ). A more effective protest might be directed towards their advertisers.

Really? Wow.

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Posted Thu Oct 22nd, 2009 2:22am Post subject: PCC Petition RE Jan Moir's 'article'

I'm sorry Binksieboy but I agreed with Nitro on this matter.

The entire Jan Moir matter has already been referred to the Press Complaints Council with regards to certain breaches in terms of accuracy and prejudice.

I think if we start legislating even more because of one nasty set of comments, going left, right and centre on such matters, it will have all sorts of effects on any reasonable debate. I think we are already cluttered up with too many laws limiting the of freedom of expression and protest in the UK. It doesn't mean we have to tolerate bigotry and hateful comments. We all have a voice and are able to make our objections with far more rationality and humanity than such people ever will.


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