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Posted Mon Dec 8th, 2008 1:14pm Post subject: Peasantvision
DISCLAIMER: This thread has no real point or purpose.

I don't pay for television, except what it uses in electricity. Never paid for cable or satellite and never will because a) I"m not in front of the great flaming eye enough to justify it and b) there's little I've ever seen on pay TV to motivate me otherwise.

So, the kind of television I watch/recieve is considered 'Peasantvision' X-D And that term amuses me to no end.

Now, Peasantvision isn't really so bad if you're in a metropolitan area. And it's not that it's horrible here, the Middle-Of-Nowhereshire, but Sunday mornings are ghastly. And Sunday mornings are when I'm most likely to be home to turn it on.

Probably due to the area I live in, each and every single channel is a Christian evangelical show of some flavor. Some of the preachers screech, others speak in monotones, others in a strained attempt to be eloquent and wise. They all say the same thing essentially ( "Jesus or fry!" - please pardon the pun on Stephens surname, it's not my intention here ). The channels that don't have these shows are Paid Programming ( e.g. "BUY THIS JUICER!!").

Nowhere on the religious landscape is there anyone preaching anything but Christ and Him crucified. It's all Christian programming. Which kind of sticks in my craw a little because these same folks will wail to no end that they are 'persecuted by the liberal left' mercilessly, that they deserve their tax free status, that the government shouldn't be in on religious affairs ( which I agree with actually, but also vice-versa ). Still, I have a feeling if it came down for a station to choose between a Christian evangelist getting air time and a Buddhist temples services being shown, and the station chose the Buddhists, you'd hear no end of bitching about that. Even more so if the choice was for or against a Muslim show X-D

I don't torture myself watching this and all in all, Peasantvision is just fine for TV droning.

Really? Wow.

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Posted Tue Dec 9th, 2008 5:23am Post subject: Peasantvision
Cool rant! Peasantvision is one of the funnier words I've heard lately! X-D

Really though, I think they have the Christian televangelist dudes rather than other religions because they're way more hilarious. My dad always threatened us by saying, "Okay, we don't have to go to church, but you have to watch three hours of TV church." That got us in the car pretty quickly.

Just as a side note: Between our house and Purdue there's a black, two-sided billboard with huge white letters, so when I go to school I see one side and when I come home I see the other side. One side says, "JESUS IS REAL," and the other side says, "HELL IS REAL." Makes me giggle every time! X-D

Open to suggestions as to what my sig should consist of...

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Posted Tue Dec 9th, 2008 5:27am Post subject: Peasantvision
Fry over Jesus, every time!

(That was not intended to sound like an obscure order for fried eggs.)

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Posted Tue Dec 16th, 2008 7:17pm Post subject: Peasantvision
Sorry, reading the topic name I thought it was going to be a rant against ITV, but yes I agree with you on the Christian broadcasting thing.

And I reckon there'd be a lot less hatred and miss-informed anger in the world if more people picked Fry over Jesus...

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