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Posted Sun Aug 19th, 2007 9:27pm Post subject: "Peter's Friends" on stage
Just when I thought my workload was sinking from "up to my chin" to navel height, it went straight up to "all over my earlobes" again - so sorry for not posting here for such a very long time! (Caused not only by that work overload, but also by my notebook's villainous mainboard that decided to end its life in the most spectacular fashion ...) I just meant to leave a short note for the dedicated Fry archivarians, namely that I had the strange pleasure of watching a German theatre adaptation of "Peter's Friends" last Friday night, on a teeny weeny mini stage in what seemed to be a former avantgarde cinema - that is, a tiny, narrow room with about thirty seats arranged on some sort of slope. Really nice performance, quite close to the movie actually. Which brought about the confusing effect that I felt like watching two plays simultaneously, two plays fading into and superimposing each other over and over again. For naturally I had Fry, Laurie, Staunton, Thompson & Co. in mind while I was watching the German actors doing their bits. Cognitively challenging, but nevertheless rather funny.

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