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Posted Tue Dec 28th, 2010 10:46am Post subject: Plastic Fantastic Beats Premier Crude Oil in Staying Power

Following on from discussion of Mexican Gulf oil well leak. During a period of at least 30 years the Trash Island (composed of at least 80% plastic) has been growing in the North West Pacific Ocean. Animals (fish, birds, mammels are often ingesting more plastic than real marine food. Remember how controlled we are by the media. This is still there, is rarely spoken about - infact plastic has become part of all food chains. Crude oil occurs naturally in the environment but plastic does not and cannot be broken down my bacteria. Choose less plastic in your lifestyle. Please. The scariest thing I found was that a chat show host had a spokesperson for this concern on his show(1,300 hits) During the same program Jennifer Anniston had about 3,000,0000 hits.....Really hard to think there is any hope sometimes.

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