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Posted Thu Jun 6th, 2013 10:53pm Post subject: Please don't ever leave us.

Dear Stephen,
I just felt I had to tell you how sad I was today when I heard the news about last year. The first I heard was, in the car on the way home from work, when my Mum asked me if I had seen a newspaper and when, I said 'No', she told me. The sad news that you were unwell enough to try to take your own life, again, mad me cry and feel so deeply sorry for you. I am so glad that you were found before it was too late and I can only hope that the people around you see the signs and reach out to you before things ever get near that point again.

The world is a better place just for having you in it and so many people need you more than you will ever know - including myself, you are a huge inspiration. I know I am not alone in wishing you as full a recovery as possible and hoping you can be happy, which would help many of us to be happier aswell. You would be too unbarably missed if you were not here to share your warmth, love, passion and genious - We cannot lose you!

I know these few words probably aren't much help but I had to tell you how much I care about you. So please know that even in your darkest hours you are never alone, your Fluffettes are always here to try to be a candle of hope guiding you back through to the light once more.

Thank you for all that you are and all that you do!
Best Wishes, Deepest Reapect and Admiration,
Forever Love
Kaz! ♥ xXXx ♥

Everyday should be Fryday!
Soupy Twist!

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Posted Fri Jun 7th, 2013 6:59am Post subject: Please don't ever leave us.

Dear Sir,
First of all, English is not my first language and therefore please forgive me in advance for any mistakes I might make.

First when I heard the news I didn't know actually how I was supposed to feel. I felt sad, angry and worst of all, felt betrayed by the fact one of the greatest people I know almost took his life.

I used to be a gay hating, god fearing coward who cared about no one but myself. I am from Sri Lanka and I grew up never knowing about amazing people such as yourself, and my little world consisted of god and the people closest to me and hating, being aggressive and hateful to everything I did not understand.

I was always scared to question god, all the answers to hard questions ended up being god. However, when I was nearing the end of my school life the internet was booming in my country, and I was exposed to amazing individuals such as yourself, I was exposed to different ways of thinking and most of all I was able to let go of the greatest fear in my life, god.

Opening my mind I was able to realize I was wrong for so long, I realized I was nothing but a coward who hid his fears behind his hate.

Sir, please don't leave us. From my point of view you are a man who has it all, but I am sure I am wrong, none of us will ever have it all I guess. You being alive gives so many of us reason and hope to do the right things. You being alive helps so many of us break free from religious insanity, question ourselves, become better human beings. To see a man fight so hard for what he believes is true, is truly amazing and inspiring to us all.

We all love you, please, don't ever try to leave us again, not until your time has come to an end. Please dont end it yourself.

Take Care dear sir,

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Posted Wed Jun 26th, 2013 4:12am Post subject: Please don't ever leave us.

Hi Stephen
I struggle to think of an English writer or personality whom I have enjoyed reading or watching as much as you. You have made and continue to make an immeasurable difference to society.. globally. You entertain, represent all that is dear to you gently, persuasively with humour and in words that your audience can relate to.
Here I am; a straight average-as-white-bread white middle-aged Anglo atheist who lives 12,000 miles from you, and yet I identify with all that you write and say intimately. Your openness and eloquence, your perseverance and your (above all) strength in the face of the challenges of the human condition and your ability to communicate this to us all make you a special human being, that I would rank with the following (my own personal list of people I admire from history):
Immanuel Kant
Martin Heidegger
David Hume
Isaac Newton

The Bard

Vincent van Gough
Pablo Picasso
Egon schele
Joan Miro
Claude Monet

Louis Pasteur
Edward Jennings
Maurice Wilkins
Ernest Rutherford
Craig Venter

Pierre de Coubertin
Edmund Hillary
John Walker
Ingemar Stenmark
Franz Klammer
Eddy Merckx
Rheinhold Messner

Capt. James Cook

Despite everything.

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