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Posted Thu Aug 13th, 2009 3:53pm Post subject: Please Group Bug Reporting Threads

Given all the other bugs to work out, I understand this might not be an immediate priority for the team members but it would be nice if it were addressed in the short term.

There are *way* too many different bug reporting threads in too many different directories. They really ought to be moved into one parent directory to avoid further confusion and make them available with more ease of use to forum participants who might need to report, or research, them. Right now, practically and in appearance, it's really uncohesive.

BTW this is NOT a bug reporting thread. Please don't start replying with bug reports here but rather place them in a thread already created by one of the team members. I do think a lot of us got confused because more than one was created, but we didn't need to increase the haphazardness of it by putting bug complaints in new or unrelated threads.

File this under 'Feedback' LOL

Really? Wow.

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