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Posted Mon Dec 18th, 2006 11:05pm Post subject: Please Read (there will be a test later)
Hello and welcome to the forum.

As we have stated before, we welcome any discussion in this forum. However, we would ask that you consider your own privacy and do not give out your mobile phone number or other private information in this forum. As a general rule going forward, the discussion or speculation by forum users, on Stephen's or anyone else's private lives in this forum will be deemed unacceptable, as will statements of a blatant sexual nature. Private photographs - of Stephen or otherwise - are not permitted to be posted within any topic group on the forum.

Avatar Regulations:

Maximum Pixel Dimensions: 100x100 pixels.

Maximum Filesize: 40KB. This is to allow 56k users to browse the forum comfortably without being bogged down with millions of hour-long animated avatars.

Content: Keep it clean, folks! it goes without saying that overtly sexual, fascist or racist content is unacceptable. This includes depictions of Real Person fanfiction pairings.

Bear in mind that being the "Official" forum of any high-profile individual can bring media scrutiny, and the last thing we want is to reflect badly on Stephen and Co.

Enjoy your stay


Forum Administrator

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