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Samantha Lee


Posted Sun Jun 27th, 2010 10:45pm Post subject: Podgram

Hey Stephen

I know I may be a little late in posting this post but I am a big fan of your podcast and unfortunately I am constantly in a situation where I have to entertain myself, which usually culminates in me putting on your podcasts.

Basically I have found a website where you DO NOT have to put in! Your third or fourth podgrame really stuck with me and I know how you bitched about having to spend time typing in and how much that annoyed you. Quite frankly as soon as i saw this website i only thought of you, so here you go my impatient friend. If you want to only type in .uk this is the website for you:

Yes you may get no information from it but i hope i did my part. Unfortunatly I am from Essex and there are a few more .uk websites avalible to you but i think you will get more from the one suggested. What can I say, I'm an Essex girl and I'm totally trying to aviod it.

Stephen Fry for Prime Minister

Hope this at least gets some people chatting

Samantha x

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