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Fourth Feline


Posted Thu Mar 29th, 2007 3:01pm Post subject: (POST DELETED)
Nice to hear the safety net caught you eventually Kit.

I usually find that the next step is to remember ( whilst feeling positive ) - to get it re-enforced as much as possible in case of future crisis points. It sounds like your future down times will be much better administered to, but at the end of the day we are Bi-Polar and it is safer and healthier to accept that we will all know the darker side again at some point. And prepare in a calm manner.

I am not being a pessimist, just a realist who has found that a degree of acceptance and the resultant precaution taking pays dividends in the longer term and adds to one's overall quality of life.

Glad you are still with us Kit, take good care of yourself.

Warm Regards,


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