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Posted Mon Dec 27th, 2010 6:45pm Post subject: Private Messages

OK guys, it's been over a year now

I want more control over my Inbox/Outbox.

I want to be able to delete several messages at one time. Checkboxes assigned to a Delete button would help. AND a 'delete all' option would be nice too.

I do NOT want to see messages that tell me I can't delete a message at all. And, if you are going to tell me that, tell me why. Why can I not choose to remove msgs to or from me?

Technically, these are very trivial things to build into the process so I do not understand why they still languish in not being addressed. And if I'm wrong in some way, tell me why, as I'm a curious cat who can also handle straight forward, well thought explanations.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Really? Wow.

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