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Posted Wed Mar 10th, 2010 9:57pm Post subject: QI Series H - Now Booking

Just a quick update. Applause Store are now offering the chance to book tickets for the upcoming Series H. The series will run from the 4th May until the 9th June, that's 16 whole recordings to sink your teeth into!

Here is the link to the site :

For more information about booking, you can check the Applause Store FAQS or boost my ego by looking at the "How to Book Tickets for Stephen Fry's QI" sticky at the top of the QI forum section.

Remember that getting into a QI recording is quite a feat - since thousands of people apply each year

This is also a good way to meet up with fellow fluffettes who might be able to attend the shows.

Fling me questions if you have any x

Natalie: "Are you finished with your coffee cup Stephen?"
Stephen: "Yes Natalie darling I am, although it's not a coffee cup, it's a teacup..."

*5 minute debate later*

Result: The contents of the cup do not determine the name of the cup. The cup is a cup/mug whether it contains tea/coffee/ribena/hot chocolate or any other beverage.

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Posted Sun Apr 25th, 2010 9:15pm Post subject: QI Series H - Now Booking

Excellent. Many thanks for posting this

'I am gone, though I am here'

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