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Posted Sun Jan 9th, 2011 8:05pm Post subject: QI XL 8/01/11

Just a comment on a couple of nuggets of info on yesterdays edition.

Hypnotizing animals:-
When I was a child, we had a pet budgie, and I discovered that if I made a 'clock-clock' type of noise, similar to the kind of noise we'd make if we were imitating a galloping horse, it would go into a kind of trance. In this state, it was possible to put your hand in the cage and tickle its tummy, but as soon as you stopped making the noise, it would suddenly snap out of it, and bite your finger.

Duck with a brush on the end of its willy:-
Although I'm not very familiar with the shapes of all other animals penises, this particular penis design I believe is quote common in males of most species, not necessarily corkscrewed, or with a brush on the end, but with slightly larger ends than bases, which function as a scoop to remove the sperm of a recent male. Even our own dear human model is a good example of this, otherwise it may as well be dead straight.

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