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Posted Thu Sep 25th, 2008 1:01pm Post subject: Quite Interesting stuff..............Ideas for QI?
I tend to inadvertently collect trivial but interesting bits and pieces of information in my disorganised by analytical brain. It may well be the result of being too brainy for the poor education I received, and being mildly but undiagnosically dyslexic.
Thus the hideous blow that hit my delicate and sensitive 11 years old self by being imprisoned in a Secondary Modern (so called) School for 5 years meant that my keen brain was not nurtured in a structured way.

I thought it might be nice to share some Interesting stuff.
Expressions and myths of expressions:

"Let the cat out of the bag. " This is thought to derive form the practice of dodgy market traders, who in selling a suckling pig would place a cat in the bag behind the market stall unbeknownst to the buyer. In finally revealing the cheat of the vendor the the truth would out by letting the cat out of the bag.

"Threshold". Just about any front door may be known also as a threshold. This is due to the simple fact that early houses had soil floors and were often covered with threshings to absorb moisture. To prevent the same spilling out of the house a stout piece of wood was placed at the doorstep to "hold" back the threshings.

I have many more. More to follow. Anyone have more to share?

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Posted Fri Oct 10th, 2008 5:24pm Post subject: Quite Interesting stuff..............Ideas for QI?
Im not entirely sure but...

In medieval times when toilets weren't the loverly flushable thingummies they are now to wipe your arse you had to do it with a twig, or stick. Unfortunatly i think this is where the phrase "the wrong end of the stick" came from...

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